Sea Your Truth Serum

I get a lot of serums sent to me.

Like…a LOT.

And honestly? Most of them have not impressed me. “Here, rub one half of a teardrop worth on your face and neck and watch the years reverse!” Except not so much. I either use the recommended amount and see no results, or I use more than the recommended amount and run through it all in half the time and STILL see no results. Yes, there have been a few that have actually impressed me, but I had to choose between serum or food for the month and quite frankly…I like to snack.

So imagine my surprise when I received a sample from a company and the recommended daily use was actually more than that which would fit on the head of a pin! AND it smelled good (ohmygosh do not get me started on the serums I have tried that smelled like rancid mushrooms or fast food…no, I’m not joking). Double plus bonus? It was cruelty-free and paraben free! Heck, I could actually pronounce all of the ingredients!

Paiva Skincare’s Sea Your Truth Serum is a must have product for me now. A little bit actually does go a long way, the ingredients are natural and don’t harm the bunnies, and I really do see a difference in my skin. No, this product didn’t take 10 years off my face. But guess what, y’all…nothing in a bottle will. My skin looks and feels firmer, my skin tone has evened out, and I just look…glowier. Is that a word? We’re going with it anyway,

Take a look at their website, pick up their sample kit (trust me, you’ll love their stuff) and tell them lupusgirl sent you. You can thank me later.

World’s Least Qualified Beauty Blogger

These days, everyone and their mother is a beauty blogger. You can’t throw a blending sponge without hitting one (probably in the middle of a spontaneous shoot in front of their local Sephora). So of course, I decided to join their ranks. However, I have a secret weapon that no one else does: an upfront admission that I have no idea what I am doing. That’s right, everyone. I am the world’s least qualified beauty blogger!

You won’t find any makeup tutorials with me. Quite frankly, I get twenty minutes into perfecting a smoky eye, then realize no one is going to see it through my glasses and give up. But therein lies my strength. I already know there are hundreds of thousands of incredibly talented wielders of highlighters out there. If you want a step by step tutorial on recreating Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram look, you will have plenty to choose from. But if you want to know which Tarte mascara is going to give you stupid long lashes that will *not* smudge your glasses, I am here for you.

I will try anything. Heck, I will try it twice. Do you want to know if the resurgence of colored mascara is the best look for you? Let me try it out. Are you searching for the perfect toner that won’t strip off your skin but also won’t cost so much that you have to give up breakfast for a week? Girl, I have a list, broken down by price, with amusing anecdotes about each one. Come, let me experiment with every beauty product under the sun, so you don’t have to. You can thank me later.