Meaningful Beauty

Okay look, I’m going to be honest with y’all. I love trying new products (so much, so so so much), but I have some favorite products that I am pretty dedicated to. Like, I’ll switch in a few things, try out new stuff, change a product here or there…but the overall picture is pretty solid. So when the Bless Box sent me a set of Meaningful Beauty products, I was…iffy. Again, I love trying new things! I have made changes in my routine based on new products that I have received, but…change the whole beauty routine? Like…ALL of it? Serum, moisturizers, cleansers, LIP GLOSS? What insanity is this???

But who am I to toss out a whole box of (full size, really expensive) products? That is not how I roll, y’all. SO! December 1st, I gave my face over to Cindy Crawford. Err, her beauty line that is. I’ll give a full review of all of the products at the end of the month, but I wanted to clue you in to why I had been silent so far this month. I’m on a beauty adventure, unlike one I’ve ever been on before! Uncharted territory and all that. So check back for updates and total honesty on every product received. Sneak peak: it’s not terrible. BUT, I’m not giving up all of my favorites for good so far either. See you on the other side!

7 full size Meaningful Beauty products, in a box from Bless Box.
A big Bless Box of Meaningful Beauty!