The product that got me to toss out my foundation

Pur-lisse Perfect Glow BB Cream
Your super pricey foundation can kick rocks. My Pur-lisse is here to stay.

Ah, foundation. That which we are convinced we need to build our face upon, should we wish to leave the house. I’ve tried the gamut, from drugstore brands to high-end potions that ate up half up of my grocery budget (I ran across one today that cost $149 – must be a plastic surgery miracle in a jar). I had more success with the pricier versions, but even still, I never found The One that seemed to really work for me. Some were just too thick, others didn’t match my skin tone no matter what I did or what shade I selected, and inevitably, no matter what brand, what price, how much exfoliating and moisturizing I did, the makeup on my chin would start drying and cracking by the end of the workday.

It sucked.

I tried BB and CC creams too, but those never gave me the right coverage, and again I had that skin tone issue. There was one I had, pricey, that gave me almost the right amount of coverage but made my skin look just kinda…plasticy (that’s not even a word, but it’s true…I looked plasticy). And then lo, an Ipsy bag came to the house with a sample of Pur-lisse BB Cream in it. I shrugged and set it aside to try the next morning. OH THANK HEAVENS FOR THAT SAMPLE. I loved it! Before I was even halfway through the sample, I had thrown out my foundation (I had 3 different bottles at that moment in time) and ordered a full-size tube from Pur-lisse. Two years later, I have never looked back.

What makes this product a winner for me is the ability to use as little or much as I need, it layers just beautifully. Even on the days I feel I need to spackle my face to look presentable (not too often these days, since I found some winning products that really deliver on the beautiful skin promises, but still, we all have Those Days), this stuff never cakes up. Sheer or full coverage, you are covered. And my super picky, fussy, dry skin? Never a cracked, peeling moment with Perfect Glow. I still can’t believe my luck with that – I have NEVER had a product that didn’t dry me out before. The finish is matte, but with just a little dewiness to it. Basically, it looks like your own natural, healthy skin. But better.

My only complaint is the selection of shades. There are 8 shades to choose from, which…isn’t enough. I have my match, which makes my life easy, but that’s just me. The selection is definitely skewed more towards the pale. Perhaps the layerability (yeah, I know that’s not a word either) means you can deepen the shades as needed? I doubt that is going to cover all of the dark-skinned beauties out there. We all deserve a product this good, so I’m hoping more options are coming. Once you see your color match, snatch it. Your face will thank you.

Worth it? YES.

What say you?