January 2019 Bless Box

January 2019 Bless Box
Not gonna lie, kinda overwhelmed.

Hello again lovelies! Man, where does the time go? Wasn’t I just here writing about the December Bless Box? And yes…I’m already itching for my February one to arrive (I am spoiled, and impatient, what can I say). Sazan (the creatrix of Bless Box) said this might be her best box yet, and I can’t really argue. There is some great stuff in here! If this is how she’s kicking off the year, I think I’m in for sure PURE AWESOMENESS in 2019! Let’s dive in, shall we? Oh, quick question. Should I add a photo of every product in the box, or just keep the header photo here? Weigh in with a comment below, please!

St. Ives Hydrating Cactus Water and Hibiscus Sheet Mask & Eye Mask $2.25 each

Oh heck yes, a double treat from St. Ives! I am a sucker for face masks, and to get an accompanying eye mask legit is making my day. With the ridiculously dry winter weather right now, I cannot wait to hydrate myself with this set on Sunday (yep, I have a spa day set aside each weekend, fluffy robes and mimosas and all).

Cora Sampler, $9

Products I need, all natural, AND the company gives back to women in need? I can definitely get behind that! Let me get real here: these products are in or around an integral, sensitive body part and I feel a LOT better using all natural products. I don’t want to worry about harsh chemicals right there, okay? And every purchase means a donation of sanitary products and health education to girls and women who need it. Go get you some, y’all.

Colourpop Lux Lipstick, $7

YESSSSSS, Colourpop! The color I received is Hey Mr. DJ, a nice warm pinkish-coral. It’s a super flattering shade that I am going to be rocking on the regular. I actually would have included a picture here, but the tip was a little smooshed when I opened the tube, like they hadn’t twisted the lippie all the way back down before putting the cap on. Luckily, my lip brush will take care of that problem. Super bonus: Lux is made with acai, pomegranate, and jojoba seed oils, so it’s a matte finish that doesn’t make your lips want to dry up and fall off. Win. Win.

Higher Education Skincare Cram Session Vitamin Infused Hydrating Lotion, $33

Wow, that’s a mouthful. I haven’t given this one a try yet, but it claims to be lightweight and super hydrating (y’all know how I am about that hydrating promise). The only drawback I see is that there’s no SPF, so I can only wear this at night unless I pair it with a stand along sunscreen. I hate that. I want SPF in my face lotion, I’m too lazy to double up.

PHYTO Huile Supreme Rich Smoothing Oil, $15

Normally, any hair product that comes in goes straight to my husband, he of the flowing curly locks. Not this time, buddy. It is cold and dry and my hair looks like I’ve just rubbed it with a balloon, no matter what conditioning treatment I use. This hair oil is specifically to smoothe down flyaways, without weighing your hair down. DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNAH! He’s not getting this one. Not a chance.

Earthen Skincare InstantPeel Exfoliant, $10

An acid peel in a packet! Except not as harsh (thank heavens). I’ve always been hesitant to go with anything too heavily exfoliating, and certainly had no interest in a chemical peel or dermabrasion. Frankly, I always envisioned my super sensitive skin peeling right off my face (yep, I’m one of those imagine-the-worst types), but I’m going to give this a try. It’s been clinically tested and deemed safe for even the most sensitive skin, so I’m diving in. Check back for a future blog post!

J. R. Watkins Coconut Milk & Honey Body Oil Mist, $8.99

The January Bless Box is just bringing all of the goods needed for this cold, dry weather we’re having right now! This bottle of goodness is full of 99% natural ingredients (yes girl, yes) including sunflower seed and apricot kernel oil . Add in some coconut milk and a bit of honey, and you have hydration that smells almost good enough to …err…drink. I think I’ll pass on the sips and just keep myself smooth and moisturized. Definitely a winner here.

Yu-Be Lip Balm, $5

I have a Yu-Be hand lotion that is so intensely rich and hydrating, I cannot wait to see what this lip balm does. It’s packed full of nothing but good stuff: coconut oil (I’m sensing a theme here), vitamin E, shea butter, camphor, aloe vera, rosemary leaf extract, almond oil, and beeswax . I’ll alternate days with this and the matte Lux lipstick!

Strawsome Glass Straw, $9.95

I jumped on the non-plastic straw bandwagon about three years ago and never looked back, so I have happily welcomed this one in with my current metal straws. This sipper is heat resistant and shatter proof, so I can use without worry (have I mentioned how notoriously clumsy I am?), but the lifetime replacement guarantee has me covered juuuussssst in case.

L.O.V. Cosmetics Best Dressed 12 Hour Long-Wear Eye Pencil (Amethyst), $8.16

Enough with the long names, cosmetic companies. That took me a half an hour to type out. I LOVE L.O.V. cosmetics (no pun intended), they make one of my favorite matte liquid lipsticks (courtesy of Bless Box a few months back), so I’m sure this eyeliner is going to be just as rockin’. Alas, I do not wear anything but black eyeliner, so I will be gifting this to a friend who will love it and wear the heck out of it. Bless Box is a winner for everyone this month.

Nelson J. Argan Oil 7 Moisturizer Healing Hair Mask, $9

Oh my gosh you guys, this stuff smells SO GOOD. It’s coconut goodness AND it will protect your hair from frizziness, split ends, even pool chlorine. I passed along a bottle of this to a friend this summer (this is one of the 2018 favorites that was included in the box this month) and my husband snatched THIS bottle out of my hand and said it’s not leaving the house this time. I suppose that’s fair, considering I hijacked him for the PHYTO oil.

EDEN Body Works Coconut Shea Butter Lotion, $8.99

And the final product (another 2018 favorite) is this travel size bottle of coconut deliciousness (hydration and coconuts, who doesn’t love a theme that good). Perfect timing on this, as I ran out of my favorite lotion literally 2 days after my January box was delivered. Bless Box is saving the day yet again. This lotion is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, but is really lightweight for days when you don’t need something super rich. Or when you need a little extra moisturizer midday. No complaints here!

I can honestly say that my January box did not disappoint. Everything in here is perfect for this season and I have already put it to use or gifted it to someone who has. $129 worth of winter weather beauty and pick me ups (I’m telling you, I’m rocking that Colourpop Lux nonstop) is DEFINITELY worth the monthly subscription price!

What say you?