So apparently I’ve been face oiling all wrong.

Look, I said in my very first post here that I’m the world’s least qualified beauty blogger. Let’s all keep that in mind, shall we? So, I jumped on board with the face oil to-do last year, and I went about it in my usual way: just randomly guessing what the hell to do. Of course, I realized that maybe I should actually look into how to properly use such a (pricey) beauty item, and every single piece I read said that one should apply serum, then oil, then moisturizer. So I did. And it was fine.

And then I realized that going about it that way was entirely wrong.

I was researching something else entirely last week and one of the articles had a link to another article, regarding the proper application of face oil. Being me, I tossed aside the research I needed to do in favor of going down a rabbit hole of another topic entirely for a good hour plus. Good thing I did. Face oil? It should go on before moisturizer. And the reason why makes alllllll kinds of sense. Most of the moisturizers out there are water-based, whereas your face oils are…well, oil. Obviously. So putting on a water-based anything on TOP of an oil? Pointless.

What’s not pointless? Putting on your oil last, to seal in all of the moisture you’ve just slathered on your face. I gave it some thought and yeah…that made a whole lot of sense. That night (I oil in the morning and at night so the evening was the next opportunity) I reversed my usual plan and I felt the difference right away. Doubly so the next day. My skin tends to dry out by the end of a typical work day, but switching the oil and moisturizer steps kept my face fully soft and smooth through the workday and then dinner and drinks afterwards. I’m even using less moisturizer!

So there ya go, folks. Serum, moisturizer (with SPF protection during the day), then your face oil. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

Oh, and if everyone else knew this already, please at least *politely* mock me in the comments. Thanks.