So let’s talk face wash (because nothing ELSE IMPORTANT is going on, right???)!

Alright, first things first…it’s been a helluva year so far, right? I mean…this is insanity! I hope you’re all well and safe and now let’s ignore the 2020 OHDEARGODWHATNOW roller coaster and talk beauty. Well, face wash. That’s beauty, right? Gotta have a nice clean face.

So, I am not a heavy makeup kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, my face is far from naked. I do not leave the house (at all these days, ba dum bum) or even head outside without my Purlisse BB Cream, eyeliner, and mascara. It’s just how I prefer to face the world. Or my mirror. But I’m not over here with cake face, you know? There’s no contouring, highlighter, and most days I don’t even pencil my eyebrows. Nonetheless, I kept running into a major problem.

Raccoon eyes.

Specifically, raccoon eyes after 1, micellar water to remove my makeup. 2, another micellar water rubdown. 3, a water rinse. 4, face wash in the shower. 5, ANOTHER face wash. 6, a full night of sleep.

Wake up…raccoon face. Not because I had big, dark bags under my eyes, but because I had remnants of eyeliner or mascara or both after all of that washing! WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. I tried a variety of different micellars, makeup removers, face washes, combinations of all of the above and yeah…still happened. Not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things, I know, but still super fricking annoying. And most of the time my face was all dry and tight and horrible too, from the nonstop never ending washing.

Enter Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser. This product is my face-saver. My skin lifeline. The only thing I will ever use ever again ever ever ever. I remove my makeup, rinse (I know you don’t need to rinse after using micellar but I can feel this little oil slick sheen on my skin and I hate it), then use the tiniest little bit of the Mamonde on my dry face. Rub it in, get a little water involved, lather, and voila! A clean, not overly dry or stripped face! And no raccoon eyes in the morning! NONE! It’s great, it’s glorious, it was so good I needed to snap out of my pandemic stupor and write a blog again. Come on, you have to admit a product has to be great to snap someone out of pandemic panic.

And it smells good too (roses for the win).

Get it here and thank me later:

What say you?