Book Reviews!

Yep, book reviews are coming. I figure I spend enough time reading books, may as well toss my opinions about them out there, right? Plus, I’ve been dreadfully absent over here (probably because I spend so much damn time reading) and I want to remedy that. So, keep an eye on this space. New content coming soon! Book reviews, skincare reviews and info, and quite possibly the occasional cocktail related post (I’m a firm believer in enjoying an adult beverage and reading while enjoying a face mask).



New Year…not so new me!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know the tradition is to make a resolution, start out the new year with a “new year, new me” idea, but…I don’t necessarily like that. Honestly, when my birthday rolls around is when I lay out the whole “resolution” thing. Although even then, it’s not so much a resolution as a goal, or series of goals, what I want to accomplish in my next year on the planet. For instance, this past birthday I resolved to make my health a priority. Mental, physical, dental, fiscal, all of it! Happily, I can report that I am making good progress on that, halfway through *my* year.

Since I had that fitness goal going on already, I didn’t have anything to resolve to change in 2019. That being said, I did take stock of 2018 and think on what more I want, and what less I want, in 2019. I think I’m on a good path and I want to stick with it. I want to keep my health kick going (please refer back to my specifics in that last paragraph, as anyone who follows me on Instagram will verify I have not given up tacos or vodka, but I do spend plenty of time on my yoga mat). I want to share more with you here. I want to keep my skincare obsession alive and well. So yeah…new year, same me. Just better. Cheers, everyone! Here’s to a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2019. Let’s lift ourselves up, lift each other up, and put more love and awesomeness in the world.

P.S. I’ll be posting about my 30 days of Meaningful Beauty in the next couple of days. I’m definitely keeping some of the products in my regular rotation!